Solar Energy was the first energy source used by mankind. The amount
of energy the sends towards our planet is 35,000 times more than
what we currently produce and consume. The sun radiates enough
solar energy on the Earth in one day to power the entire energy of
the world for one year. Some part of this energy is reflected back into
space, but much of it is absorbed by the atmosphere. Solar energy is
considered renewable and clean because it exists for as long as the
sun does and it does not pollute our planet. This energy can be easily
harnessed for various purposed such as heating, cooling, lighting and
much more.

Although the United States is accounted for 6% of the world's population
we use between 25%-30% of the world's energy. American dependency
on foreign energy continues to grow daily; so does it's cost.

If your method of electricity production is using diesel generators, your
energy costs rice fiercely, as the global demand for crude oil rises daily.
Many analysts project that the price of crude oil will continue to rise as
its resources become limited.

The time to convert into clean and low cost solar energy is now, by
installing our high efficiency photovoltaic modules with outstanding
sustained performance which capture and use the sunlight to generate
electricity. With current technology we, at A.S.E.S, are able to supply
all of U.S. electrical needs by covering less than one percent of our
countries land area with modules. Our 200 watt photovoltaic systems
are the right choice for a long-tern performance and dependability,
with a maintenance free life cycle of up to 40 years.