Solar System installation was completed by American Solar Energy Solutions.

Dr. Shahram Ravan (left), president of Olympia Medical Center, and the
hospitalʼs CEO, John Calderone, said the new solar panel system will
provide a significant savings to both the facility, and the environment.

Olympia Medical Center has installed a solar system on the rooftop of its medical building
that will help the hospital lower its energy usage and reduce electrical bills. The cost of the
system was largely covered by Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) and
federal rebates, which add up to nearly 75 percent of the cost of the system.

“In addition to the daily electricity savings, the solar system installed on the rooftops is highly
efficient,” said John Calderon, CEO of Olympia Medical Center. “We wanted the solar
system to perform and produce as much energy per square foot to maximize
the output for Olympia Medical Center.” After consulting with the electrical engineers, the
hospital chose a design that divided the one large solar system into 18 individual systems,
and combined them all before connecting to the DWP grid. By doing so, the energy
output is at 96 percent efficiency. The use of several smaller systems instead of one
large system also increases the system’s daily energy output by 16 percent.
“This is a win-win situation both from a financial and environmental point-of-view,”
added Dr. Shahram Ravan, president of Olympia Medical Center. Olympia Medical Center
is located at 59010 Olympic Blvd. For information, call (323) 932-5922, or